Technology AVAILABLE For Commercialization

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Miniaturized 2D nanomaterial-based dual-hormone sensor for simultaneous Dopamine and Insulin

Hydrogen Fuel Cell, Methods of Fabricating Fuel Cell & an Electrode

Electrochemical test-strip for the triglyceride sensing via polymerized coating & methods for the same

Device for Simultaneous Culturing and Detection of Microorganisms 

Fluid Management and Visualization Platform for Incubator based Cell Culture Applications 

Electrochemiluminescence Biosensing Devices 

Microfluidic Chemiluminescence System 

An electro microfluidic chip and a method for preparing the same 

An Electrochemical Microfluidic Device and A Process for Preparing The Same

Method Of Fabricating A Graphene Electrode Based Heterojunction Photovoltaic Cell 

A Method Of Fabricating Reduced Graphene Oxide 

A Bio electrode Pair For Use In Enzymatic Biofuel Cells And A Process For Making The Same  

A Portable Real-Time Colorimetric Detection Device And Method Of Using The Same

Electronic Nasal Filter

A Device for Making Designs on a Substrate

A Thermal Management System for a Microfluidic Device for Synthesizing Nanoparticles

A method of transferring laser-induced graphene (LIG) from a polyimide

A Microfluidic Electro-Viscometer to Determine Relative Viscosity of a Fluid

Microfluidics Based Integrated Based Integrated System for Nitrite and Nitrate Detection and Analysis