Microfluidic Viscometer

Puneeth S B and Mrunali Wagh

Applications: Milk Adulteration, Fuel Testing, Biological Sample Analysis

3D Printed MicroElectroViscometer

    • A Standalone, Point-of-Source, Portable, Low-Cost, Automated & Integrated Microfluidic System for Detection & Quantification of Nitrite

    • Employs controlled Griess reaction based assay

    • Low-cost 3D printed syringe pump

    • Photometric detection employed using LED & photodiode

    • LOD: 0.07103 ppm; LOQ: 0.21524 ppm (WHO limits: 3 ppm)

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  1. A Microfluidic Electro-Viscometer to Determine Relative Viscosity of a Fluid

    • Inventors: Sanket Goel and Puneeth S B

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  2. A System for Measuring Viscosity and Method thereof

    • Inventors: Sanket Goel and Puneeth S B

    • Status: Indian Patent, filed, 201711031122, 2017

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