Applications: Portable PCR, Detection of pathogens, virulents and Tuberculosis (TB)

µ-fluidic PCR System

Related Publications & Patents


1. Microfluidics Based Integrated Based Integrated System for Nitrite and Nitrate Detection and Analysis

      • Inventors: Sohan Dudala, Satish K Dubey and Sanket Goel

      • Status: Indian Patent Filed (201911004347, February-2019)

Journal Publications

2. Dudala, S; Dubey, S.K. & Goel, S, “Microfluidic Soil Nutrient Detection System: Integrating Nitrite, pH and Electrical Conductivity Detection”, accepted for publication with IEEE Sensors Journal, 2019

1. Dudala, S; Dubey, S.K. & Goel, S, “Fully Integrated, Automated and Smartphone enabled Point-of-Source Portable Platform with Microfluidic Device for Nitrite Detection”, IEEE Trans. Biomed. Circuits Syst., 2019

Conference Publications

1. Dudala, S; Puneeth, S.B.; Dubey, S.K. & Goel, S, “Design of Colorimetric Lab-On-Chip Platform for Detection of Nitrite in Water”, Proceedings of Photonics-2018: International Conference on Fiber Optics and Photonics (IIT Delhi), December 12-15, 2015, SP077, ISBN 978-93-88653-41-1